One of the most important stages post recovery of any ailments is “EXERCISE” and our exercise workshop provides it all. Known as an Exercise workshop and not as a gym is because one gets to work with one’s own self more than he gets to work with an equipment. As we always say, the maintenance of human body is daily. Our workshop is unique because of this.


Like a car which undergoes servicing part by part in a service centre… do we subject every individuals through our process of “PHYSICAL CONDITIONING” in our Exercise Workshop. Our conditioning includes sequential training modules of “Flexibility Training”, “Strength Training” & “Endurance Training” guided by our expert Physiotherapists who understand each and every inabilities and abilities of yours, moulding you towards wellbeing.  

Currently we have added “Online Exercise Workshop” to our services, where we guide our clients through daily videos to keep themselves FIT. This service is available on subscription. Get in touch with us for further details.

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