Dr. Sylvia Margaret J

Director, B.Physio

It brings me immense pleasure and satisfaction to promote the concept of “Exercise Is Medicine" through immense professionalism and care. Having a professional experience of over ten years in this industry it really helps me to understand the nuances required to provide our customers with the best care for their faster recovery.

Dr. Emmanual C H

Senior Physiotherapist, B.Physio

Exercising is more of a habit than a chore. Having an experience of over 5 years working with people with simple to complex health issues, helping them reach their maximal physical ability for both sport and functional movement. From helping people to regain their ability to walk, carry out daily activities without being dependent I also work with them to adopt a healthy lifestyle with exercises.

Dr. Biswajith Dash 

Head-Exercise Therapy, Master in Sports Physiotherapy

I am at my best when I touch lives through exercises. I have a professional experience of 7 years to back my knowledge in sports injury management and prevention and a “ Masters in Sports and Orthopaedic physiotherapy “ Customising exercises to meet my clients requirements is not only my strength, but also a technique through which they meet their fitness levels. I am also a Marathon runner. I am a firm believer that any ailment can be cured through exercise.

Dr. Rupesh Prajapathi

Senior Physiotherapist, B.Physio

Physical therapy aims towards attaining functional abilities, maintenance of optimal movement pattern and prevention of future injuries being the foremost priority. Having an experience of about 3 years now, I believe it is not only important to treat the symptoms, but also educate the individuals about their ailments and how they can overcome them. Here at Attitude Prime every day is a new learning experience for me which is helping me fuel my passion for this profession..

Dr. Rahul P

Junior Physiotherapist, B.Physio

"Strength and Growth come only through continuous effort and struggle"
Working at Attitude Prime where "exercise is medicine" for creating change in a person's Physical, Emotional and Mental state offers a framework of Sustainable Development as a pathway to my future.

Dr. Madan S A

Associate Physiotherapist, Master in Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy

Attitude Prime offers evidence based practice of physiotherapy where I develop skills and update my knowledge everyday. According to me our bodies are made for mobility & Exercise is medicine. I work with my patients and help them develop proper mechanics of movement to reduce & eliminate physical pain from their lives

Dr. Hyndavi E M

Associate Physiotherapist, Master in Orthopedics

I am proud to be a physio with over four years of experience. Working at Attitude prime Prime has given me the exposure required to develop my skills in Physiotherapy. I get immense satisfation on hearing the feedback of my patients

Dr. Malsawmdawngliani 

Associate Physiotherapist, Master in Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy

Excercising daily not only improves muscular and cardio-respiratory fitness but also helps in prevention of many chronic diseases. " The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow."
Working here in Attitude Prime has improved my knowledge and skills of understanding the biomechanics of a body as a physiotherapist.

Shruthi S 

Office Coordinator

Working at Attitude Prime has never felt like an office, as all of us are more like a family. See the Physiotherapists teach exercises and being a regular witness to its benefits inspires me to do regular exercises. Being the front desk coordinator I have my own responsibilities, Being more responsible gives me better satisfaction. 

Arpitha M P

Office Coordinator

Though I am not from the medical field, it is always interesting to know how people get better with exercises. Interacting different kinds of people with different health issues, and being an witness in their improvements is the most exciting aspect of my job.

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