sylviaDr. Sylvia Margaret J
Director, B.Physio

It brings me immense pleasure and satisfaction to promote this noble cause “Exercise Is Medicine" through immense professionalism and care.  Having a professional experience of 8 years in this industry it really helps me to understand the nuances required to provide our customers with the best care for their faster recovery. 


Dr. Vivek
Head-Exercise Therapy, Masters in Neuro Physiotherapy

Horned with a professional experience of 5 years I intend to change lives and human physical performance through Exercises. I have a professional degree of Masters In Neuro Physiotherapy. I am result oriented with all my clients so as to make their recovery faster and my strength lies in my goal setting towards my client's well-being.

Dr. Biswajith Dash

Dr. Biswajith Dash 
Head-Exercise Therapy, Master in Sports Physiotherapy

I am at my best when I touch lives through exercises. I have a professional experience of 5 years to back my knowledge in sports injury management and prevention and a “ Masters in Sports and Orthopedic physiotherapy “ Customizing exercises to meet my clients requirements is not only my strength, but also a technique through which they meet their fitness levels. I am also a Marathon runner. I am a firm believer that any ailment can be cured through exercise.

sylviaDr. Emmanual,
Senior Physiotherapist, B.Physio

Exercising is more of a habit than a chore. Having an experience of 3 years I ensure to get the best out of every client I come across helping them reach their maximal physical ability. I am a hard working professional striving to achieve the goals of each and every clients I work with ensuring that they not just get cured but also adopt a healthy lifestyle with exercises after wards.

Photo of Dr. Pooja Nanjappa

Dr. Pooja Nanjappa 
Junior Physiotherapist

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, but also the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. Having an experience of 6 months , my priority is to be able to aid clients to benefit from exercise to ensure that they are both mentally and physically fit.
Being a part of ATTITUDE PRIME has expanded my knowledge and helped me attain a better understanding of the ever fascinating and complex human anatomy.

Photo of Dr. Ranju Thapa

Dr. Ranju Thapa 
Junior Physiotherapist

Healthy mind dwells in a healthy body and the body is the only place where we live in. And exercise is that tool which moulds our life into a healthier one.
Being a part of Attitude Prime has driven me to the world of exercise.

Photo of Dr. Rupesh Prajapathi

Dr. Rupesh Prajapathi 
Junior Physiotherapist, B.Physio

Physical therapy aims towards attaining functional abilities, maintenance of optimal movement pattern and prevention of future injuries being the foremost priority.
Having an experience of 1 year, I believe it is not only important to treat the symptoms, but also educate the individuals about their ailments and how they can overcome them.
Here at ATTITUDE PRIME every day is a new learning experience for me which is helping me fuel my passion for this profession.

Photo of Dr. Ravichandra

Dr. Ravichandra 
Junior Physiotherapist, B.Physio

Exercise is an activity which will help us maintain our fitness and overall health. Having an experience of 4Years, I intend to work with clients in order to promote their health and wellbeing.  Attitude prime has provided me with an excellent platform to enhance my knowledge and work closer with people in order to cure their aliments and their confidence.

Photo of Dr. Chandana Bhat

Miss. Chandana Bhat 
Office Co-Ordinator

I am glad to say that I am a faculty of “ATTITUDE PRIME “, having an experience of 6 months with this team has made me feel comfortable and healthy . I have found that consistently talking to patients is a good management technics way to learn and it has taught me many things in every step which I believe will help me grow and move forward.

Photo of Dr. Sudharani

Miss. Sudharani 
Office Co-Ordinator

I am honored to say that I am a part of “ATTITUDE PRIME” faculty. Having an experience of 6 months, I have been exposed to various wonderful methods of communication. I am also being given the opportunity to learn about various exercises which helps me in improving my fitness levels.

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