Consulting in particular is nothing but the ice breaker between you and us. It is the time we try to understand your problems and analyze, examine, assess and diagnose the issue.

Currently we do take up Online Consultations. Get in touch with us for further Details.

 There are common issues which form the bulk of the conversation. They are – 

• Cervical Spondylosis
• Disc Prolapse
• Osteo Arthritis
• Knee pain & Back pain
• Tennis Elbow
• Sciatica
• Plantar Fascitis
• Achillis Tendinitis
• Runners Knee
• I.T.Band Syndrome (ITBS)
• Piriformis Syndrome
• Tendinitis & Bursitis.

Though the issues may be the same, the story behind it might NOT. The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ are very important to form an effective solution.
During the one on one consultation sessions, we try to understand the personality and lifestyle of you. Most of the issues are often related to the lifestyle of a person. We then conduct a physical examination where we diagnose and analyze the problem. We then move onto decision making of asking you to undergo exercise sessions or just follow home program advises depending upon on our diagnosis.

The first consultation is also to impart knowledge about the medical condition of the person for his benefit, to empower him. We enable him to understand his situation and give him hope that he can return to normalcy.

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