Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I am Laxman, Age : 17. I am pursuing my B.Com in Jain University. I was diagnosed with “Duchenne Muscular Distrophy” at the age of 7. It started off as a mere tiredness, but eventually walking became a challenge for me and I became almost entirely dependent on my mother.
After consulting countless doctors and going through various remedies, I found Physiotherapy to be the prevailing solution. Here, in “Attitude Prime”, Physio Clinic, I get to work my way at my comfortable pace. I actually get to know I am making an effort. And invariably, I do see good results.
Being physically challenged, I often undergo quite a lot of anxiety about my disorder. But at “Attitude Prime” Physio Clinic, I have the liberty to share and express these thoughts. And whenever I feel low and doubt my ability, I am always encouraged that it will definitely get better. In a way, Attitude Prime is not only a place for exercises, but a place where I get to share what actually I feel.I am pushed to that extent that I never thought I would be able to perform the tasks that I am currently able to do. I actually see my health improving. A big and a hearty Thanks to the Doctors at Attitude Prime from the bottom of my heart for providing me with courage and for making ceaseless efforts to make my life easier.
: Laxman
I woke up one morning with an excruciating pain in my upper back. It was so bad that the only way I could keep the pain bearable was to lean forward all the time. I could hardly get any sleep at night. It was nearly impossible to find any position in bed that would allow me to sleep.

I was referred to Dr Gladson Johnson by a neighbour. In my very first visit, Dr.Gladson Johnson diagnosed the problem as “Cervical Disc Prolapse level C5-C6 ” accurately, without using any CT or MRI scans. He drew a picture of my spine on the board and explained to me how I had developed this problem over long years of using the wrong posture, especially when using my laptop. He prescribed exercises that I had to do 5 times a day. I was very wary about the pain I would have to undergo while doing them. To my surprise, I found I had little or no pain in doing the exercises at all. Moreover, the way my back pain got alleviated every time I did them was nothing short of a miracle.

In just about a week, I was able to start getting a good night’s sleep, and could even muster the courage to go for a one week international trip. Dr Gladson told me exactly what I needed to do, to manage the long flight from Bangalore to San Francisco and back.

It took just about three weeks for my pain to become manageable and about 6 weeks to reach a point where I did not experience any pain in most postures and do all my activities.Today, I can say that I am completely healed. It does not mean I stop exercising or doing my daily Yoga that he introduced me to.

In summary, Dr Gladson’s competence, integrity and leadership in inspiring everybody to lead a healthy life, is beyond words. ‘Health is an asset’, he said,’...Treasure it’. I will always remember that. Dr Gladson loves the challenge of helping cure the toughest of ailments, and tailors his treatment based on the physical and psychological make-up of his patients. He is extremely gifted and has a deep understanding of the human body... truly a doctor par excellence...but above all, an exceptional human being both at the personal and professional level.
: Piyush Dixit
I am Murali Cherat, I had set a goal to run 10kilometers as i turn 50. Without knowing what does this take, I started to run on my own. After first week, I injured myself while trying to avoid stamping on a frog which suddenly appeared on the running track. I limped back home.

I was in such bad shape that I had decided to quit running and I was approaching Dr.Gladson with the idea of just getting cured so that I can carry on my normal life. Within one week, my limping vanished and just two sessions is what I had met u for. Inspired by your clean diagnostics and conviction that nothing has gone wrong with my knee ( though I was assuming that I may have to undergo surgery etc), I decided to take baby steps in walking normal to walking fast to few steps running.

In the next 90 days, I progressed so much that running became my main motivation to wake up since in the last 25years I have never seen morning sunlight except when I must rush to airport. Now that I have ran 10kilometers in 74 minutes, it is time to set further goals along with you. I am going to do this because my Body supports my frequent travel and long working hours without any compliant rather I am more enthusiastic about living and that too waking up to run no matter how tight is my business calendar.

Ho Bangaloreans we are all so lucky we have one Dr.Gladson so near to us. Pl find him and live to your potential especially without any pain in the body".

Thank you Dr.Gladson for your immense contribution to my life and for being a very very graceful human being.
: Murali Cherat
Hi, I am Jayashree. I had been diagnosed with “Disc prolapse @ L4-L5/L5-S1 on 26th April, 2012 and experienced severe pain in my low back, which made me immobile for almost two weeks. I was put on traction for few days. Yet, my condition did not improve much. One of our family members referred me to Dr. Gladson Johnson at Attitude Prime. Within days of physiotherapy, I was back to normal.

Dr. Gladson and his team, Dr. Swapna and Dr. Pallavi, have been extremely encouraging. They have provided me with timely physiotherapy treatment to reduce my low-back pain and strengthen my core while improving my posture. The experience at Attitude Prime has been overwhelming. Best of all! I have made new friends, who are physiotherapists. I recommend Attitude Prime to all.
: Jayashree
I am a software engineer working in IBM (Bangalore). I have been suffering from chronic back pain from 2011. It became worse in 2012. The pain was so intense that I was confined to bed for almost a week. Any movement resulted in a shooting pain from my back to tip of my leg. “MRI revealed disk bulge in L3.L4, and desk herniation on L5-S1 compressing the nerve root”. I was advised immediate surgery. We were convinced that surgery was the only way out as advised by leading neurosurgeons. But then I have to thank God to have met Dr.Gladson Johnson. The approach was truly unique. After the first session I could walk without a limp. I was prescribed a set of exercises after every session. I was pain free in 10 sessions and was able to do my routine stuff. I am pain free now for almost 6 months. Thanks to Gladson I lead a healthy lifestyle as exercises have become part of my daily routine. I am preparing myself for a half marathon run. I cannot express my relief in couple of sentences, but I can certainly vouch that the approach, diagnosis, and prescription are truly unique.
: Sriram
I Mr.Jayaraman, age 45 have been doing running for past 13 years and have run 15 half marathons and 1 full marathon. I have lost multiple weeks due to running related injury in the past 5 years.

The most recent past was in June 2012 when “Achilles Tendonitis” struck again. I tried resting the injury for about 4 weeks but to no avail. Serendipity lead me to Dr.Gladson Johnson. I was struck by the patience and the time he took to examine.

He came up with the diagnosis which was not limited to tendons but overall points of flexibility and strength. He drew a rigorous but easy to follow exercise plan. I went from walking with pain to running 8Km in 3 days time. I also recorded my best half in October 2012

I like the fact this recovery happened by tapping in to the inherent healing present in one’s body. I personally have recommended Dr.Gladson Johnson to many of my running friends with the same results.
: Jayaraman
"Attitude Prime" itself says it all. The way you carry yourself with attitude should be of prime importance. I have learned it all at this place. I was Diagnosed with “Ankylosing Spondilytis”

Starting with sore stiffness all through my body causing me sleepless nights and helpless days are all a thing of the past. The dedication of Dr. Gladson and Dr. Elgin John towards stretching your body to strengthening your muscles has helped me a lot in just 3 months. The way exercises are designed to suit your body is the thing I love about this place.

The way to do just the right step towards an exercise is the thing to like about Attitude Prime. My personal experience with other physiotherapists and gym instructors was not good at all before I visited this place. A must recommended place to all people in Bangalore suffering from body pains and also to all the people with desk jobs. Just 25 mins of your day towards your body at this place would bring you peace in all aspects of life.
: Karan Chadha

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