“Attitude Prime” was founded and brought into existence by Dr.Gladson a “Sports Physiotherapist” and a staunch visionary to spread the word of hope that “Exercise is Medicine”. Exercise works wonders towards recovery of any medical ailments when prescribed and delivered with expertise.


Belief of Attitude Prime

Belief of Attitude Prime

The Physical body which we live in is the utmost priority of Human life. It’s the seat where GOD dwells in. All our expressions of life through it are at its best when this structure is maintained through exercising.

                                                                                          Exercise Is Medicine.

Vision of Attitude Prime

Vision Statement

To see a world which is “Healthy” by “Exercising” . We as an organisation promise to convert evert patient who come in touch with us into a inspirational fitness role model who would influence his/her own society so we can see a world which is eventually healthy through Exercising and Drug Free.

Dr. Gladson Johnson running bare foot in a Marathon

Dr. Gladson Johnson

A practicing “Sports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist” for past 20 years. An active Bare Foot Marathoner and Triathlete from past 14 years.
winner of Global Lifestyle Award-2014, Young Achiever Award-2014 & Young Scientist Award-2009.


Our Services

Dr Gladson Johnson consulting a patient


The first platform you step into with us to discuss your medical & physical issues, get educated about it through a detailed physical examination finding the root cause of the problem and not just understanding the symptom further blue printing your map to recovery with our expert opinions.


Physio with a patient at Attitude Prime

Exercise Sessions

This one to one sessions aim at correcting physical obstacles hindering recovery and training physically through customized exercises to get you back to health better and faster with the assistance of our expert Physiotherapists. Also guiding you through “Why" & “How" to Exercise correctly for well being.


Well equipped Gym at Attitude Prime

Exercise Workshop

The reality ground where we bring all our concepts and philosophy of exercise and exercising available to the common man for physical wellbeing and health. This functions as a unique program to condition oneself to excellence through exercises irrespective of any underlying physical/medical issues.


Testimonial by Karan Chadha

Attitude Prime" itself says it all. The way you carry yourself with attitude should be of prime importance. I have learned it all at this place. I was Diagnosed with “Ankylosing Spondilytis”...



Testimonial by Jayashree

Hi, I am Jayashree. I had been diagnosed with “Disc prolapse @ L4-L5/L5-S1 on 26th April, 2012 and experienced severe pain in my low back, which made me immobile for almost two weeks...


Testimonial by Sriram

I am a software engineer working in IBM (Bangalore). I have been suffering from chronic back pain from 2011. The pain was so intense that I was confined to bed for almost a week...


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