TO DO…. OR….NOT TO DO (Shoes to Soles)

26 years ago when I came to India for the first time(being born and brought up as an NRI) something caught my attention so surprisingly. My siblings were charmed about the greenery India had while I was amazed and thrilled by the sight to see all my villagers carrying their daily activities in “Bare Foot”.Right from traversing on the grassy meadows to the rocky hills all in my village young, old, men & women treaded barefoot. It was something which my mind could neither conceive nor ignore. How is this possible? Was the constant question my urban brain kept asking my rural mind.

Grab those running shoes and get set

For wellness enthusiasts, the season of running is just about to start. Now is the time to start training and registering for any of the many marathons that are conducted in Bangalore and New Delhi. What a better way to beat the heat than with a little huffing and puffing! With the number of wellness converts increasing at a steady rate, day by day, it is time you joined in too, don’t you think?

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