The Voice of Blood

I am a concealed creation. I am the very LIFE that flows through each and everyone seated here. I am your lifeline and hence have no timeline. I mean I have no beginning or end. I am neither your soul nor spirit nor formless. I am matter and not energy. I am medical miracle which so far no scientist has discovered a substitute for me .I am the very BLOOD that flows through each one of you.

I am always on the flow. I never stop even once in a lifetime. The sign of life is to keep moving and not stay idle at one place nor with one thought JUST MOVE ON. I enrich each and every cell in the body I come across with life oxygen and nutrients. I nurture and nourish every cell I flow through giving life because I care for them. As humans even you should impact every one you come across in your life add a little essence of your life, your hope, your faith, your courage to them. I take 1 min to circulate the entire body to meet my friend’s liver, kidney, intestine, lung, brain and the others. Hence in 24hrs I revisit and revisit my friends 1440 times ensuring their well being 24/7. In this modern world of hi-tech communication technology how many friends do you reach to in a day? How many of them have you stayed connected to? How many of them have you shouldered in their hour of need? Think oh humans….think.

Since I stay connected to all my friends they also support me in return. The brain regulates my pressure, the kidney purifies me from all toxins, the lungs give me clean oxygen. Remember friends in life you always get what you give. Give first what you would like to receive. Give the BEST so you get THE BEST.

I am immortal. But I can be so only if you allow me to be. To make me immortal you need to do a noble action called “Blood Donation”. A healthy adult like you all can donate once in three months. It doesn’t cost you anything. This is one instance where you play the role of God by giving your life to others. The incidence of “Road Traffic Accident’s” and “Natural calamities” demand millions of units of blood annually globally to save lives. I cannot be manufactured …only gifted. Once in 2 sec there is a requirement of 1 unit of blood. Please be a life saver. 1 unit may help 3 people. In a life time you may reach to more than 500 lives. In this way you can directly touch somebody’s heart through your blood.

And finally, as I told you I am a concealed creation. I only am destined to run my life happily in each of your body. Why do allow me to run on the streets??? Why do you humans shed blood in the name of God, Race and border lines????

I urge you all to think. Horizons may change time to time, but poles remain the same. Let “Love” be your compass needle to drive you towards new horizons.

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Dr.Gladson Johnson

Dr.Gladson Johnson is a practicing Sports Physiotherapist by profession for the past 16 years and a passionate bare foot runner for the past 10 years. He is the founder of Attitude Prime an organization which caters to Sports Injuries and Lifestyle Management through “Exercises” . Dr.Gladson Johnson believes that “Exercise Is Medicine

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