Stay in touch with “yourself”

Hi Friends, the most often asked question to me is, “What is the best exercise?”. A question which I am now very used to. A few days back I gave it a serious thought as I was preparing for a workshop, and this known “Question” unwounded in a different dimension to me. I felt that I need to share it to you all.

As a kid we all wanted to grow big soon and wanted to be addressed as a grown up and hated to be called as a kid. Once we grew up we all sigh at our own-self and say “How I wish I still was a kid”. As a grown up we all want to be “Healthy” and we do so many things to reach it too. We know Gymming, Swimming, Cycling, Dieting, Yoga….we know many things to stay healthy. But why is it that many of us are still a victim of poor health?. Little or nothing did we do to stay healthy when we were a kid, but we all were indeed….. “HEALTHY!!!!”

Surprising isn’t it?? What is it that kept us healthy then which is not now? Did we really do anything? or was it by virtue that we all were healthy as kids? My friends, every happening in this universe is because of “Cause and Effect”. There is no accidents. There is a definite action behind every happenings. That means we really have did something when we were kids to stay healthy which we have now forgotten. In our busy corporate world life we really have forgotten that “Secret”. Time to wake up. I will reveal the secret for you.

 As a kid we all behaved and lived our hearts desire. There was nobody needed to tell us to play in the sun, chase butterflies, climb those trees to play hide n seek. Grand pa’s advice was not required to stay active. Mom’s pestering was not asked for to burn all the calories we consumed.We just were dancing to the tunes of our hearts……our innocent and true hearts.

As we grew up we learned to dance to the tune of the “Society” and its “Expectations”. We have become so busy to really satisfy others expectations about us and on the quest of it have actually forgotten the “Child” in us. Just because somebody said “Gymming is good” we ended up signing up a membership and eventually didn’t find the time for it. Since the fellow group ladies said “Yoga” is great for women’s health we ended up doing it and ending up in a sprained knee.

Its because we have not really connected with the “Child” within. The “Child” within wants to play on the streets while the intellect says “Its below your dignity to do it now at this age and at this status of yours”. Hence we do something else which the “Child” within does not agree with nor enjoy it and hence we end up engaging only our bodies and not our minds in all activities we do to gain health.

Folks, wake up. “Exercise” is an activity which should involve your Mind, Body and Soul. Unleash the child within you to involve all the above three entities so that “Health” is no longer a “Wish” but a “Reality”.

Stay in touch with …………”Yourself”.

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Dr.Gladson Johnson

Dr.Gladson Johnson is a practicing Sports Physiotherapist by profession for the past 16 years and a passionate bare foot runner for the past 10 years. He is the founder of Attitude Prime an organization which caters to Sports Injuries and Lifestyle Management through “Exercises” . Dr.Gladson Johnson believes that “Exercise Is Medicine

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