Dr.Gladson Johnson

Dr.Gladson Johnson

Dr.Gladson Johnson is a practicing Sports Physiotherapist by profession for the past 16 years and a passionate bare foot runner for the past 10 years. He is the founder of Attitude Prime an organization which caters to Sports Injuries and Lifestyle Management through “Exercises” . Dr.Gladson Johnson believes that “Exercise Is Medicine

Don’t wait until injury hits and derails your training program. Running injury-free requires proactive action. Injury-proof yourself with a balanced training format, good nutrition and adequate rest and recovery.

It’s a great pleasure as a ‘health educator’ for me to see the numbers in each marathon event rising every single year. The popularity of long distance sports has reached a new high with the metros taking the plunge and smaller cities and towns also launching an interesting range of events. What was once an elite’s battle ground is today the common man’s play ground. Being a part of this madness myself, I love to see the numbers rising in marathons, ultra marathons, cycling, altitude running, etc.

For wellness enthusiasts, the season of running is just about to start. Now is the time to start training and registering for any of the many marathons that are conducted in Bangalore and New Delhi. What a better way to beat the heat than with a little huffing and puffing! With the number of wellness converts increasing at a steady rate, day by day, it is time you joined in too, don’t you think?

While we all know the benefits of cycling, very few make the effort to pursue it. Dr Gladson Johnson makes a convincing case.

(Deccan Herald Sep 15, 2012)

Cycling is the new buzz in the town of fitness. It is really encouraging to see many get involved in this eco-friendly fitness activity day by day.

There is no joy like attempting the ground with your bare feet, but it can take up to a year to get physically fit to run without shoes, advises Dr Gladson Johnson. 

Outdoor sports have taken on a new avatar over the past few years and are slowly gaining momentum through various forms like cycling, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, trekking, etc.

There is no time like the present to get started on a workout regime, especially if you are pregnant, advises Dr Gladson Johnson

Pregnancy is an event in a woman’s life that comes wrapped in joy and excitement. Which is why it is all the more important to stay healthy during the nine months.


Knee pain requires not just a well-structured work-out routine, but a consistent exercise regime to keep you off pain and increase functionality, advises Dr Gladson Johnson

Human personality is diverse. The entire beauty of humanity solely lays its diversity. Human traits are also diverse in nature . That is why when it comes to health and healthy living what applies to one might not apply to the other. It could be walking combined with pranayama which works well for Mr. Inder who underwent a bypass surgery 6 months ago and recovering from it. It could be yogasana combined with weight training which works well for Mrs.Malini who had survived a breast removal followed by a breast cancer diagnosis.

Hi Friends, the most often asked question to me is, “What is the best exercise?”. A question which I am now very used to. A few days back I gave it a serious thought as I was preparing for a workshop, and this known “Question” unwounded in a different dimension to me. I felt that I need to share it to you all.

I am a concealed creation. I am the very LIFE that flows through each and everyone seated here. I am your lifeline and hence have no timeline. I mean I have no beginning or end. I am neither your soul nor spirit nor formless. I am matter and not energy. I am medical miracle which so far no scientist has discovered a substitute for me .I am the very BLOOD that flows through each one of you.

Spine Is Life

One of the most common experiences among all human beings irrespective of age, gender and race is “Lower back ache”. Lower back is one of the most expressive regions of our body that many of the body’s symptoms surface in this region. Starting from mechanical loading because of prolonged sitting, pregnancy, wrong lifting of weight, long drives, strenuous kitchen work etc in all the above mentioned activities the commonly strained part of the body is the back. Why is this so?.

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